Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sessions - The best of 08

With the Autumn doldrums upon us I thought I would post my favourite sessions from 08.
We got the forecast 20-35 knots but the course was quite square(~100 degrees)
I had some trouble getting comfortable initially but kept on creeping higher. Beat my PB peak many times over and had a 43.82 10 sec. Its days like these that make to no-fires bearable. Chris.D was flying on his *boards and looked in control from the outset & Sam was also flying and got a few PB's also.
The photos below were taken by Kevin Page(thanks again Kevin!) from the opposite bank.

Me on a downwinder, I think this was just after I got lifted and was regaining control hence the board trim;)

Heading back upwind 1

Heading back upwind 2 - note the bommies in the foreground we usually shred our feet and fin tips on.

Heading back upwind 3

Sam downwind

Sam from a distance.


My other favourite session was when I had a go at the 1 hour and got a PB(25.55). I was the only one out and it was after my Grandmothers funeral. I will have to post the track to GPSSS as it hasn't been added to the top 10!


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