Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Board Building Project - HD Creeper 48 - Stage 4 - Deck Sandwich

Well I have been meaning to finish off this series of posts on the Creeper 48 build but one thing led to another and I haven't! Comments are from the my seabreeze post at the start of the year during the build.  Creeper 58 coming soon...

I have got the tricky stage out of the way, now I can sleep easy not having to worry about the vacuum running all night. Tried out the aluminium clamping system on the bag and it worked a treat although it is pretty tight with 2 x 200um sheets/1 tube. I used 12x12 channel with 6mm PVC tube. Next up are the fittings...

Using up scraps, 3mm plain on the left, perforated on the right. 

Pre-forming the Dcell with a heat gun. 

Softened the winglet for continuity of the sandwich, will restore the wing with filler after the deck is laminated.

Tail panels fitted so that they can support the deck sandwich from below. 

Gunking the rails for the Dcell wrap.  

Fitting the bag and critical rail join. 

Flipped over in the morning with the heat lamps on - bit of a cold spell at the moment with nights in the low 10's.

Bag seal with 12mm channel and 6mm ID PVC tube. 

Deck sandwich trimmed with the snap-off knife blade.  

Finished composite Dcell deck - no more scraps left, just in time as my bulk shipment of Corecell and Dcell has just arrived for the next 3 boards! Love it!