Saturday, 29 August 2015

Board Building Project - HD Creeper 48 - Stage 8 - Clear Coat, Pads & Non-skid

Time for the final clear coat, sanding and non-skid.  I will keep a matt finish which shows the weave when wet - just like the finish on fins.  My non-skid was late night inspirado and I already don't like the waistcoat looking front - this will change down the track.  Also had a bit of trouble with the non-skid fisheyeing over to 1200 finish underneath - another experience for the memory bank.  This will be the last clear finished board I do, opaque sanding coats are so much quicker to finish.

 Clear coat, none under the pads to save weight.

 Clear coat tail.

 Wet and dry of the clear coat.
 Wet and dry finished.

 Pads and non-skid finished.

Hull sanded.

 Nose clear coat.

 Finished tail.

Ready to Rock.

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