Thursday, 29 September 2011

Fanatic Falcon 113 2012 Preview


Here are some quick observations of the 113(2012) Vs the 111(2011) 
  • The rails are boxier in the tail and the straps are closer to the rail meaning a more committed stance. 
  • The tail around behind the back straps is more bulbous flowing into a flatter and slightly thinner working area between the front straps. 
  • With a quick check of the bottom with a ruler it looks like there is a little more vee(than 2011) under the back foot as well as some tail rocker(2011 had none). 
  • There are still the double concave in the nose but this washes out into a vee right up the front instead of a flat like the 2011 model. 
  • The track recess appears much deeper but I think this is partly due to more volume in the shoulder of the rail. 
  • The track recess also extends right to the nose reducing volume and lift and increasing stiffness.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

RS Racing Evo IV

RS Racing Evo IV and JP Slalom VIII

There are a few images floating around in cyberspace of the new RS Racing Evo IV.  The most obvious change is the break from the Iconic Burnt Orange.  The EvoIII started this move with a redder orange as well as blue and red printing on the body panels.  The new design is reverting back to a higher aspect ratio and looser mid and lower leech.  Smaller sizing is also changing and there is less choice in the way of dedicated speed sizes with 5.8 being the starting point.  Perhaps some limited edition speed specials will be produced.

RS Racing Evo IV vs Evo III

The advertising graphic only represents the colour, material and reinforcement changes and does not hint towards the amount the aspect ratio is changing as the outlines are identical.  There looks to be more reinforcing/opaque panels in the foot of the sail and less at the bottom of the leech above the clew.

RS Racing Evo IV Overlay