Thursday, 29 September 2011

Fanatic Falcon 113 2012 Preview


Here are some quick observations of the 113(2012) Vs the 111(2011) 
  • The rails are boxier in the tail and the straps are closer to the rail meaning a more committed stance. 
  • The tail around behind the back straps is more bulbous flowing into a flatter and slightly thinner working area between the front straps. 
  • With a quick check of the bottom with a ruler it looks like there is a little more vee(than 2011) under the back foot as well as some tail rocker(2011 had none). 
  • There are still the double concave in the nose but this washes out into a vee right up the front instead of a flat like the 2011 model. 
  • The track recess appears much deeper but I think this is partly due to more volume in the shoulder of the rail. 
  • The track recess also extends right to the nose reducing volume and lift and increasing stiffness.


  1. Hi Tim,
    nice pic's! I had the same idea with the 2012 140 compared to the 2011 134. :-)

  2. Hi Mark,
    Nice pics on the 140 also.
    It will be interesting to see what the 148 II is..
    What sizes are you going for in 2012?

  3. Hi Tim,
    Falcons 89/113/140 and a Speed 51. :-)