Monday, 16 September 2013

MxR UFO - Initial Impressions

We have finally had some wind after the Autumn doldrums which means some TOW! I have got to sail the MxR UFO 38 three times now.  Two of those sessions resulted in spot PB's so they seem to be working well!

MxR UFO 38
I have gone withe the UFO in my smaller blasting fins for control in the chop that we get at Boggy Lake.  34 is for use on my 90L slalom with a 6.9 & 6.2 and 38 is for the 112L slalom with 6.9 and possibly 7.7 if juiced up on flattish water.  I am using Katana  fins from 40cm up for a bit more raw power when the water is flatter and control is not as much of an issue.

MxR UFO 38 - MrL Slalom 112 - Avanti M-1 6.9
 I have found the UFO perfect for running the troughs and banging over the back of chop.  When you bear off with the UFO you have a great confidence that the fin will take whatever awkward chop forms kick up in your path.  Other fins, including some expensive carbons seem to get frisky and throw the board all over the place.  Maybe it is my average skill set but the UFO seems to allow me to go faster than ever before in average everyday conditions.  I also think the MrL 112 and Avanti M-1 have a part to play as they are the best board and sails I have used and they work well for me with the UFO.

MxR UFO 38 - MrL Slalom 112
 I would recommend the UFO to anyone wanting more control WITHOUT loss of speed in average choppy sailing conditions.  The fin is not highly strung and can be sailed on the redline all day without fatigue.