Friday, 10 April 2009

Caspar vs SL7

I received my first pair of Caspar fins yesterday, a 25 and 27. The finish is very impressive in 09, the body has a light sanding in the direction of flow and the leading and trailing edges are finished nicely.

Comparing the 27cm Caspar with the 27cm SL7 the Caspar has a shorter chord length at the base and a little more rake. The Caspar foil shape also has more volume nearer to the trailing edge and almost a lump as it narrows into the last quarter of the foil profile. It is much more subtle than in the other dedicated assymetrical speed fins that I have seen.
The outlines below are the SL7 in orange and the Caspar in grey.

I took some quick measurements of the two foils.


  • Base chord length - 91.5mm
  • Base chord width - 8.3mm
  • Base chord AR - .091
  • Wide Point - 35%


  • Base chord length - 85.3mm
  • Base chord width - 8.3mm
  • Base chord AR - .097
  • Wide Point - 42.5%
The Caspar wide point moves back slightly down the length of the fin to 48% and the chord AR(Aspect Ratio) drops to .089. The SL7 maintains the chord AR and wide point measurement down the length of the fin.

I am looking forward to testing these babies on my CA44. I anticipate the 27 will work well with the 6.7 RSR and the 25 with the 6.2 Slalom MkIII I have on the way, and possibly my 5m RSR on tighter courses. I also hope to get sizes either side of these 2 once I have had a chance to fully test them.


  1. Very nice review! Let us know more when you tried the fins!

    I will use the Select Caspar Speed 25/23 for CA SP44.



  2. Thanks Eric,
    Yeah, I think the 23 will be great also. I was suprised how well the CA44 takes a 27cm fin with the 6.7 though, this really does extend bottom end range of the board and as I have sold my JP54 and the next up is the JP60.
    C'mon wind!