Sunday, 5 April 2009

Ape Index

I remember reading an article years ago on Ape Index - calculated by dividing armspan by height. It is usually around 1 but a positive ape index is considered benoficial for sports such as rock climbing, swimming and windsurfing (speed and slalom). Most people know height (and weight) can be an advantage(for holding down more sail area) but it is less of an advantage if you cannot get outboard to take full advantage of your assets. You can use long lines but unless you can get your shoulders outboard you are not maximising your righting moment. My arm span is 198cm and my height is 193cm so my ape index is 198/193 or 1.026. I have heard it desribed as +5 (span 5cm more than height). Measure you arm span and work out yours, it may be of interest when you are tuning equipment and technique.

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