Friday, 13 August 2010

Last Session @ the Clayton Channel

I edited this clip about a year ago but didn't get around to posting it.  The wind was light and gusty from the north, great for long reaches but you had to gybe before the big lulls.  The water was nice and flat and will be greatly missed by the local speedsailors.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

JP Slalom Evolution

The JP Slalom's have evolved into a range of world cup dominating shapes, but where did it all start?

The first range of dedicated slalom shapes was released in 2005.  There were 3 sizes and they were a little different to other boards on the market with their square tails and compact outlines.  Below is a brief summary of what developments and changes have been made throughout the Slalom's 6 years of evolution.

The Evolution of the JP Slalom Range!
(if the graph does your head in - read the specs below!)

Slalom I
94L - 235cm x  60cm - 5.3Kg
114L - 238cm x 70cm - 6.1Kg
134L - 238cm x 80cm - 6.8Kg

Slalom is becoming popular once again after being almost killed by un-friendly slalom boards of the late 90's.

Short & wide - no unnecessary weight up front.
Channel bottom as used on most JP boards.
Straight & parallel rail towards the tail for straight line stability.

Slalom II
84L - 232cm x 55cm - 5.0Kg
94L - 234cm x 60cm - 5.3Kg
114L - 234cm x 70cm - 6.1Kg
134L - 238cm x 80cm - 6.8Kg

With the PWA Racing Format changed to Slalom 42 the range is increased to 4 boards. 
There is no figure 8 slalom, only downwind. 
Colour schemes now incorporate the now standard yellow & black. 
Micah joins the JP team and bases his decision on testing the near final prototypes.

Thinned out and flatter deck from mast track to nose to create a spoiler effect.
Optimised rail shape for increased comfort.
Slightly reduced tail width for a looser ride.
Tail cutouts with bigger openings for increased control & jibing.
Channel bottom is maintained.

Slalom III
69L - 240cm x 53cm - 5.0Kg
89L - 240cm x 59cm - 5.3Kg
109L - 240cm x 69cm - 6.1Kg
119L - 240cm x 79cm - 6.8Kg

The Chnnel Bottom is dropped in favour of a cleaner more traditional botom shape.
A range of 8 G10 slalom fins is released the complement the board range in 28, 30, 32, 34, 38, 42, 48 & 52cm sizes.

Slightly longer shapes, especially in the smaller sizes.
All 4 boards have thinned volumes in the nose and center.
Rails thinner with reduced radius.
New constant radius deck shape around the strap area.
Straps slightly closer to centerline with more outline curve between the straps.
New smaller size(69L) is also a speed board option.
Tail cutouts modified on each size, smaller boards have smaller or no cutout.

Slalom IV
54 x 240cm - 70L - 4.9kg!!!
60 x 240cm - 84L - 5.3kg
68 x 240cm - 104L - 6.1kg
76 x 240cm - 114L - 6.6kg
84 x 240cm - 134L - 7.2kg

The range is now specified in board widths rather than volume.
Pro edition in Biax Carbon with silver limited finish.
GPS testing shows an average speed increase of 5km/h over the MkIII. 
A fifth board is added to the range so that every rider can find the perfect match.

Bottom curves adjusted for each size of board.
Tail cutouts adjusted to suit the requirements of each size.

Slalom V
54 x 236cm - 72L - 4.9kg!!!
60 x 238cm - 92L - 5.6kg
68 x 238cm - 112L - 6.3kg
76 x 238cm - 122L - 6.8kg
82 x 238cm - 132L - 7.1kg

Slalom is changed to 63- 6 sails and 3 boards have to be registered at the start of the racing season.  Construction has been modified with a timber hull & carbon deck providing a softer feel in harsh chop.  Antoine joins JP and continues his Slalom domination on boards developed by Werner & Micah.

The mid sized boards have added volume, a lot of which is in the rails.

Slalom VI
56 x 235cm - 81L - 5.4kg
59 x 235cm - 92L - 5.8kg
65 x 235cm - 101L - 6.3kg
68 x 235cm - 112L - 6.5kg
76 x 235cm - 121L - 6.7kg
82 x 235cm - 132L - 7.2kg

The range of boards is increased to 6 with a new concept of 3 boards for lighter sailors & 3 for heavier sailors. 
The smaller boards now feature a timber deck also and high speed comfort increases. 
This is at the expense of a slight increase in weight.

Smaller sizes now have a double concave running into a flat vee in the tail.
Larger sizes have a constant flat vee throughout.
Outline straightened between the straps and tail widened for a more parallel stance.
New race deck for increased comfort and control at speed.
Deck pads are increased in thickness.
Slalom IV Range
Slalom V 92

Slalom VI 92