Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tuttle Fin Re-box - S10

I needed a Select S10 39 for my Falcon 111/Evo III 7.8 combo and since none were available in that size I had to re-box a bigger fin to make one.  I had a 57 from a SLW that I sold which would be too big for my Falcon 134 and since I could buy the big fins I needed for this board the 57 had to get the chop.

 S10 37 top, S10 57 bottom.

 S10 37 top, S10 57 bottom.

 Marking out the 39cm on the 57cm fin.(+2cm)

 20mm longer than the 37cm fin(plus a little extra ;-)

 Measure twice - Cut once!


 Select Elite Layup

 Make flushing plates matching the foil profile.
Wax mould & plates.

 Cut-out 2 layers of 200gsm plain weave 
Carbon Cloth for each side of the fin head.

 Mix Talc and chopped CF. 
Add a touch of carbon black.

 Layup each side of the mould.

 Add special sauce and swing down fin jig.

 Place top mould using dow pins and clamp shut.
Go to bed and allow resin to cure.

 Resin cured, lever the mould halves apart.

 Top half of mould removed, flushing plate still in place.

 Flushing plate still in place.

 Top flushing plate removed.
A few air bubbles, needed more filler!

 Remove fin supports.

 Apply pressure to fin tip to pop head from mould.

 Head released.

 Bottom mould with flushing plate.
Insert removed to make Deep Tuttle Heads.

 Fin with jointline flash.

Flash Removed.

Pictures to come...
Drill holes for barrel nuts.
Drill clearance holes for screws.
Allow to cure for a few more days.


  1. Hi Tim,

    Very nice artikel again. Thanks!

    greetings Robert

  2. Thanks Robert, More info to come later.
    Regards, Tim.

  3. Thumbs up! Good work! Very learnfull ... uhm, not that i can do it, ... having two left hands :-) :-). Nice to read such a DIY :-)

  4. Very nice article.
    I was looking for something just like this as I need to convert an old fin's international multiconic fin to powerbox and adapters are not available anymore (have a tuttle adapter, but no powerbox adapter).
    Now I know where to start.
    Thank you very much !!