Friday, 15 April 2011

Fanatic Falcon 111 Gybe - Boom Tail GoPro

On my recent trip to Lake George(near Beachport, South Australia) I captured a bunch of footage and tried some new(for me) mounting positions for my GoPro camera.  I got plenty of the usual head cam footage as well as boom mounted near the mast.  I had not tried the rear of the boom due to the need to change mounts in the water(and possibly lose a $330 camera) and the inconvenience with pressing record.
Lake george is waist deep in middle lake and reasonably flat so I had less chance of loosing the camera in a stack and had flatter water to gybe at the end of each run.  This was the perfect opportunity to try mounting the camera on the tail of the boom.  What really stood out was how much slower and less reactive the rig was in the gybe with the camera mounted at the rear.  The camera is only a few hundread grams but it slowed down the rig flip remarkably as well as oversheeting on the entry to the gybe and trimming the sail when sailing a straight course.  I was happy with the view as it showns the foot and hand work required as well as timing variations.  I will mix the other footage together in a clip but for now here is the gybe with boom tail cam.


  1. Nice footage. Did you also have a helmet cam on or do you always wear a helmet on the water?

  2. I wear a helmet all the time when sailing now and so the camera mount is always there if I need it.

  3. I was asking because I am seeing more people on the water with a helmet but it seems unpleasant to wear one.

  4. Gath Gedi - The best helmet for windsurfing!
    I dont notice any difference in wind perception and have complete confidence when speedsailing. I even wear it in light wind to stop sunburn!

  5. Can you show how you mounted the camera on your boom.? Thank you. Doug

  6. Hi Doug,
    Check out the bottom image in the GoPro review...

    This is the roll bar mount above the boom, in the video above it is mounted under the boom. You can set the camera to record inverted but I just rotated it when I edited the footage.
    Regards, Tim.