Friday, 1 April 2011

Falcon Speed 45 & 51

The new Fanatic Falcon speeds are online and look like they have some very nice go-fast features.  There is a 51cm wide (65L - 230cm) and 45cm wide(54L - 228cm) board to complement the 85 which can be used as a light wind speed board.

Falcon Speed 45 (courtesy of the Fanatic Website)

Other features include...
- Extra Deep Deck Recess for Rig Stability
- S-Shape Volume Flow
- All New Feet Grab Rail Shape for Max Foot Comfort
- 70° Pintail for Clean Water Release/Reduced Drag Area
- V into Double Concave Speed Control Bottom
- Slight Tail Rocker for Maximum Free Speed Experience
- CAD Designed Speed Curves
- Straight Outlines

Check it out on the Fanatic Website HERE

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