Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Gear for Sale - 10-11-09

1 X5 Boom Head $50 (new)$30 (used)
2 Hydrodynamix Boom Head $50 (new)
3 North Pro Comp Boom Head $50 (used)
4 NP carbon boom tail 2002 $125 (pinless, new)
5 X6 Carbon Tail $70 (new)
6 North Pro Comp Tail $40 (used)
7 Pryde Harness Lines 24" $15 (used)
8 Maui Sails Harness Lines:18", 20", 22" $20 ea (all new)
9 20-24" Adjustables $30 (new)

10 HPL Tail Pins $15 (new)
11 X5 Boom Tail Pins $15 ea (new)
12 Z mast cups $5 (both sizes - new)
13 NP Roof Rack Pads $25/pair, 2 for $40 (new, rrp$50)
14 NP Deck Plates $5 (new)
15 Mast Base Pins $5 ea (new, have lots)
16 RDM/SDM 30cm extension $50 (new)
17 NP uxt extension 48cm $30 (used)
18 Sunshine extension 48cm $15 (used - needs twin pin base)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

JP Slalom VI

The JP Slalom VI range has just been made public after lots of leaks in forums around the world!

Check it out here on the JP website:

The range has increased from 5 to 6 boards with an innovative rider weight/height based sizing system:
Smaller sailors:56 - 65 - 76 wide boards
Bigger sailors:59 - 68 - 82 wide boards
There is mention of the bigger boards having a vee hull up front and the smaller designs having double concaves up front but it is unclear whether the range for bigger sailors all have vee and the smaller sailors all have double concave.
If the ranges are designed differently it may make it harder for the go fast weekend sailor who wants a 2 board combo to choose! I was considering the 82-65 combo but think I will go the 59 and keep my Slalom IV84.
Some changes of note are:
  • The small slalom in the range is a little bigger - from 54cm/72L up to 56cm/81L
  • The 92L slalom in the range is a little narrower - from 60cm down to 59cm but with a wider tail. I would have thought that it could still take a 7.8 but now only the ideal sail sizes are shown in the board data. The ideal sail range has gone from 6.2-7m on the slalom V to 5.5 to 7.0m on the slalom VI.
  • Toe wedges are included as part of the board. This will be great when maxed but I hope it doesn't cause problems banking the front foot in the gybe and then removing the foot from the strap in the transition.
  • All tail widths are wider increasing their fin carrying capacity and directional stability.