Sunday, 26 April 2009

Select Caspar - First Impressions...

Well I had my first session on the Select Caspar 27 & 25 yesterday and I have got to say that I am very impressed. I arrived at the Goolwa channel to see other sailors on mainly 5.5 to 6.2m sails. The forecast was for winds increasing to 30-40 as they swung from WNW to W to SW. It was already quite square(SW) and small squalls had been hitting during the morning. I ventured to the bank with the CA44, RSR6.7 and the Caspar 27 and waited for one to hit. The guys downwind on the bank were waiting also but I was in the upwind "Box Seat". After a few minutes I saw one touch down, some of the guys went too early, I held back until I could see it hitting the start of the course and off I went.

I didn't need to pinch to the start of the run as the gust had a little more west in it - Perfect. I hit the run and the fin felt perfectly balanced, just enough lift but slippery. I was trying to evaluate the fin more than getting a good run and hugged the bank for most of the run, near the end I bore away slightly and hit 42.55. Many runs followed but the wind was more SW and we had to bear away into the channel. Runs were short and rounding up intense as the chop was about 45cm and about 1m apart. You were right on the tail of the board with the foot of the sail hitting the chop. The fin did not spin out once and sailed upwind very well.

On that first run I got the feeling that the fin just wanted a deeper angle and had a limitless top end. It was very predictable and I wished the wind had stayed W for longer runs to really see what I could get the fin to reach.

I look forward to the next session on the Caspar, in deeper conditions.

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  1. Tim,

    Nice to see that my fins are also working in Australia ! Via Erik Loots we are informed how things are going on your place.

  2. Hi Caspar,
    There was a lot of interest in the fins after the session. Other sailors were on C3 Venoms, Techtonics Falcons & Select SL7's so there was quite a variety out there. I am very much looking forward to my next session on your creations!
    Being the designer of the fin how have you found the largest fin(31cm) works on slalom boards~60cm? Could I expect a faster fin than the SL7 31cm but with slightly more sensitivity and little less lift and upwind ability?
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Tim,

    I will be using the Select Caspar Speed 31 for my Fanatic Falcon 91 (width 61 cm)

    At the moment I am using a Select SL7 Gold 31cm. I think with the new Select Caspar Speed I will have a better topspeed and handling. Better deep downwind, and a bit less taillift from fin.

    You will read it on speedsurfingblog ASAP when I got my fins & good conditions



  4. Are you going to keep your SL7 31 for squarer courses Eric?

  5. Yes I will keep the SL7 for squarer courses, I still have to test it.

    I think beside tight angles in really chaotic conditions (open water/high chop/swell) the Select SL7 gold 31 is just about perfect. That is the way I feel it right now