Saturday, 29 August 2015

Board Building Project - HD Creeper 48 - Stage 6 & 7 - Hull & Deck Lamination

Deck is bagged(200g Twill carbon, 130g plain glass + patches) and initial sanding is almost finished. Next up is to fill a few low spots I should have filled before glassing but couldn't be stuffed, then a finishing coat for polishing.

I glassed(2 x 130g plain glass + patches) the hull old school(not bagged) and everything was sweet until some gassing of the dcell combined with some crimped glass to form a few bubbles.  Yet more repair work.  The newer surfboard glass(130g) seems to use smaller glass bundles(and have larger openings in the weave) which leaves more resin on the layup table.  I think the layup might have been on the dry side as a result which doesn't help.  I probably should have glassed the hull on the board then feathering the 2 layers around the rail would have been easier.

There are a few tricks I tried for the hidden (under carbon) inserts which worked well.

 Deck Laminate Vacuum Bag

  Mast Track Bagged

Tail Bagged

Unwrapping fun!

  Deck Weave
Footstrap Insert Plugs revealed

Footstrap Insert Plugs sanded flush

Footstrap Insert Plugs flicked out

  Deck lightly sanded (sacrificial glass layer on top.
  Deck Sanded

   Deck Sanded


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