Friday, 3 February 2012

Lake George 2012-01-31

I had the good fortune of another trip to Lake George (big thankyou to my Wife ;) and this time I made sure I got some photos and video footage.  When I came 10 days ago I was focused on getting some pb's and so using the GoPro was another complication I could do without.  The morning was a change from the other days with a light 15-20 knot breeze and overcast conditions.  This allowed Lake George to show off its legendary glasssy conditions!
Gear rigged for the day.

 Choco & Hamma

 The Long Walk


 The trudge out

 The drag to deeper water

 Weedy start

 Weed wake



 Falcon 89 Deck Concave



 Time check



 Glass in 20 knots!!!

 Glassy gybe exit

 More wake


Hard to gybe badly here...

 Near miss with Choco...


  1. Hi Tim,
    How do you like the Falcon 89?
    and what fin you use with this one?
    I just ordered the 89 can't wait to get it.

    1. Hi Dani,
      I really love the Falcon 89 and think I will keep this board for a long time. It just does everything well and is a great real work speed board for the bigger sailor. I have only used it with the delta weed 27 so far and this is great for speed sailing in flat water with or without weed. I have an S11 31 and 35 to use in normal water when I get to try it at my home spot and am keen to see if it will take a 7.8 also. You have made a wise choice ordering the 89.
      Regards, Tim.

  2. Hi Tim,
    Thank you for your help, i enjoy reading your Blog.
    I think i will enjoy the 89 Falcon, i do have the 121 falcon i love this board with my Maui TR7 8.4 XT, i just bought a used 101 this weekend, sound crazy but i couldn't resist the price .lol
    Good luck on the water.

  3. Hi Tim,

    good pictures! :)
    Tim, I'm new to slalom boards, I would like to buy the Falcon but I'm not sure about the size... can you give your suggestion? I'm 65Kg and I would use the Falcon on 12/18 Knot range, based on your experience could I buy the 89L or it's too small?

    Many thanks and have good wind!

  4. Hi Fabio,
    Using the Falcon in the 12/18 range should not be a problem for your weight but it depends on the largest sail you want to use on the board. The web say 7.8 will work and at 12 knots that should be a fairly flat water state to be able to control the sail area. Depending on how good you are at pumping a 7 may suffice. The 99 would also be a good option for more bottom end but at your weight the 89 could be a 1-board solution.
    Hope this helps, Tim.