Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Close Shave Speedsailing - Lake George

At my last session at Lake George I had a Close Shave with my SA Speeed Demons team mate Choco.  As you can see from the footage I thought I was aware of all the sailors in my vicinity!  I started off a few hundread meters from another sailor and followed.  I passed them over the top and scanned back and forth for other sailors.  You can see a slight haze in my luff pocket at 1:43 and then Choco appears.  The nose of his board clipped the foot of my sail and if I had been a second later who knows what might have happened.  There was no reason to stop and I was on a NM so I finished the run and caught up with Choco later.

I have never had such a close shave and I think the conditions were a contributor.  You could sail fast on all tacks at a constant speed so 2 sailors could converge on a point from a long distance away being blissfully unaware of each other.  Choco was hidden by my luff pocket and I was in his blind spot upwind.


  1. Hey that was a bad call on his part - you were on starboard and shouldnt have to yield to a sailor on port - but an injury or gear damage is never a good outcome - has anyone torn strips of the Fuc### for being so careless?

  2. We were both on starboard and couldn't see each other.