Monday, 18 May 2009

Sandy Point 16 May 2009

Although I didn't have the session I had hoped for I was happy with the footage I captured on my new camera. I had a play with helmet and boom mounts and have a lot more ideas on interesting angles.

Here is a quick low resolution edit of some of the footage. I will do a full review of this fantastic camera shortly.

The GoPro Hero Wide is available from Adventure Cams HQ

P.S. my boom isn't really that squeaky, it is the sound of my hand moving on the boom grip!


  1. Great footage Tim,wow the course looked nice and sweet,can the camera be mounted at the tip of the mast? imagine the shot you would get.

  2. Hey Choco,
    Thats a nice link you sent me - I had a similar idea of sitting under the mast cap. Will have a crack at one when I get a chance.

  3. Good footage, cant wait to see more.
    bring on the wind so we can use all the toys.
    Did you have to Blow off the Dust.. from the "paddle pop stick" before using ??

  4. No dust to blow off, remember we were out a few weeks before and I was lucky enough for you to caddy my gear!