Saturday, 13 February 2016

CNC Machining a 1/10th Scale Sailboard

Here is a quick video of a 1/10 scale model I machined of the HD Slalom 83.  The objective was to view both the hull and deck concaves and to check all of the other contours looked ok before I sent the template files off for laser cutting.  The plan is to cut the full sized board when I have finished my large scale CNC router.

Normally the hull would be machined before the deck since it is more critical for performance than the deck.  Also you can vac dag the hull before machining the deck for added dimensional stability, and machine trim the hull sandwich and rail tuck below the wide point of the rail.

In the video the deck was machined first as it was easier in this case, but, unfortunately I squeezed the polyester bog supports out wider than the tape on the foam and a few small strips of the deck got eaten.

Hopefully I can post about modelling the board in SolidWorks and what works for me.

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