Friday, 20 May 2011

Fin Screw Tabs

I had to make some washers for my fin screws tonight and thought I would make it easier to insert and remove them from the recessed holes on my boards with standard tuttle boxes. The holes are recessed about 25-30mm below deck level and are too small in diameter to get a finger either side of the screw head.  By extending the rubber washer into a strip, two tabs are created allowing the screw to be placed perfectly.  I dont know why I haven't done this before as most of the time when I need to get the screws out I have resorted to tipping the board upside down and shaking them out.  You can sometimes guide the screw in and remove it on the tip of the screwdriver but this is hit and miss and magnetic tips don't work on 316 stainless.

 Fin Screw Tabs - Easy insertion and extraction!

Cut strips out of 1.5mm Neoprene Rubber - 100mm x 17mm

Wad punch centre of strips with 3/16 punch

Hole wad removed.

Place the screw & washer into the strip and bring the tabs together.

Insert into recess, alight tabs with water flow;)



  1. Great idea!
    I have bought some m6 hex head bolts and use a 10mm bit from a rachet set, it really helps lift the screws out. Dont know why they use 'screws' where you have to find the slot in a dark hole. Now I just drop the bit in with the screwdriver attached and it finds the bolt with ease, and lifted at an angle the bolt comes out. But I do really like your idea

  2. Yeah the m6 is a good option, also good with a cordless drill(with torque adjustment!!!)