Thursday, 2 September 2010

Board Quiver 2011

For 2011 I am trying to cover as many conditions and types of sailing as I can with 4 or 5 boards.

I hope to use these 4 boards with the following sails:
JP Super Lightwind - RSS MkIII 9.5 & RSR EvoIII 7.8
JP Slalom VI 68 - RSR EvoIII 7.8 & RSR EvoII 7.0
JP Speed 49 - RSR EvoII 7.0, RSR5.8 & RSR 5.0
Fanatic Freewave 115 - NP Excess 6.4 & 5.4

There are a few gaps there such as a 90L slalom but without our faster/flatter spots of the past I hope to spend a heap of time on the 68/7.8 combo again. I'm not sure how well the SLW will work with 7.8 but hopefuly it is as good as on the Slalom IV84 when it is gusty.  I am keeping the 49 for the occasional trip to Sandy and some possible new SA speed locations I want to try out.  I have always had a soft spot for the Fanatic freewave and decided to get on this year.  I made the mistake of thinking I had to get a board smaller than my slalom so that I didn't "double-up".  The JP 102 FSW didn't plane as early as I had liked for my weight and I had read in forum posts that the 112 actually felt a lot smaller than the quoted volume so the FW115 was the one to go for.  I also like the graphics a lot more!


  1. Thats an interesting mix of boards for you. I think you may miss the 90l slalom! I have a JP Speed 49 as well, great board however are changing it to 54 & 44 this year for a bigger range. My kit will be I107, I94, Speed 54 & Speed 44. Means 7.8 can be used on 107/94 & 54.

    Hope your speed spot comes back!

  2. Tim, this is an excellent blog with a lots of valuable insights...I am interested to learn if you already have had a chance to sail the SLW?...I am in the process of buying a light wind board myself and cannot make up my mind between the SLW and the 82...want to sail it with a 7.8 RAM and a 9.8 Warp...a little bit concerned that the SLW is slightly too big for a 7.8...also, would like to get some insights on the difference in fun factor...SLW:is it worth to get a little bit earlier planning, but live with more clunky jibing?...will sail it recreationally in moderately choppy waters.

  3. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I haven't picked up the SLW yet, I receive all my 2011 boards in a couple of weeks or so. I had the same dilema as you with having to decide between the big slalom board and the SLW for my light wind board. I have the 84cm Slalom IV which is great and light but I just felt on occasions that I should have been planing but wasn't. There was enough pull in the sail but the board seemed to bog a little and not release. Now that the light wind slalom is only 82 wide I am more convinced that a 90cm board is the way to go for my 110kg. I know I will not get the 34 knot peaks I can on the 84 but I will gain on the bottom end, coasting through lulls & fin carrying capacity. I might need it for the occasional race but on the whole it will be for real world sailing with big lulls and no wind minimums. I am interested to see if I have made the right decision and look forward to putting the SLW through its paces. Watch for a full write-up in the coming months.
    Regards, Tim