Saturday, 15 May 2010

New Toy - JP 102 FSW

Picked up my new JP 102 Freestyle Wave during the week after selling my JP 92 Slalom.  It was a hard decision and if I could afford the luxury I would have kept both boards.  With our SA speed spots gone and a another baby on the way  I am hoping this will be the answer to getting my sailing fix after work on the local coast when the summer seabreezes kick in. 

I am going to use it with the 6.4 & 5.4 Excess with the option of putting the RSR 7m on it occasionaly.  I am really looking forward to mixing it up a bit as I am getting a little tired of the 1 dimensional sailing I have been doing for the last few years.
I wasn't sure about the boards colour scheme when it was first released but I have to say it is really growing on my.  I went for the bombproof FWS construction as I want something a little softer in the chop and from landing big airs.


  1. Hi Tim, did you already try your new board and are you know a multi dimensional windsurfer again :-)?

    I also have thought about of mixing up the disciplines because I am always windsurfing on racing equipment which can impose some restrictions.

  2. Hi Mad, still haven't got it wet yet as the baby is due any day now. Can't wait to sail again, almost forgotten what its like! Mix it up and keep it interesting;)

  3. I will try to mix it up :-). Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!