Thursday, 14 January 2010

Reconditioned HMR S66

I have finally finished repairing the last board I made, a 66cm slalom board in timber veneer with CF tail cutouts. There was some water in the board from heel cracks caused by sailing 1000's of km in Boggy Lake chop. I wanted the core to dry out as much as possible and have had it sitting in the roof of my shed for a year ( I also had a JP68 to sail as well...). Here is the finished result.
I wanted to hide a bit more of the timber veneer on the deck and went for the primer with the timber just peeking through. Non skid is always a problem to source, I can't get hold of the re-dek system that I have used in the past. I tried a spray on non-skid product that some guys are using on SUP boards but is just too fine and is really meant for tiles on steps and slippery areas. In the end I went for the old sugar deck on epoxy which will yellow a bit with age but provides extreme non skid grip.


  1. For grip?

    I always use 2 Component Epoxy DD-venier/paint
    and used Salt for grip. Works good, and because of the UV filter in the paint it will not turn yellow

  2. Hi Surfrider,
    I can get a UV filter but it is twice the price of normal resin! I dont mind it going yellow as it looks like a proto anyway;)