Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Glascraft Goodies

I along with others had fun at the recent Glascraft Auction. There was a lot of Maui Sails gear as well as some Pryde stuff left over from when they were the state agents. I picked up a few bargains as did others. Some even had a choice of colours to match their existing sails!

Here are some spares & replacements for sale:

NP carbon boom tail 2002 $125 (pinless, new)
X6 Carbon Tail $70 (new)
X6 28mm Carbon Tail $40 (suits NP160 & down, used)
X5 Boom Head $50 (new)
X5 Boom Head $30 (used)
X5 Boom Tail Pins $10 ea (new)
North Pro Comp Boom Head $50 (used)
North Pro Comp Tail $40 (used)
RDM/SDM 30cm extension $50 (new)
Mast Base Pins $5 ea (new, have lots)
Maui Sails Harness Lines:
18", 20", 22" $20 ea (all new)
20-24" Adjustables $30 (new)
Maui Sails Boom Tail Pins $10 ea (new)
NP Roof Rack Pads $25/pair, 2 for $40 (new, rrp$50)

Note: The X5 head can be used to repair an X6/X3 boom in sizes 180 & up.
The X6 Carbon Tail can be used on an x3 boom also!

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