Monday, 3 August 2009

JP Speed Boards

The much anticipated JP Speed boards have finally been released to the public. I have had a 49 on order for a while and hope to receive the beast at the start of September. Apparently Antoine is going to use the range of speed boards in Karpathos, they include a 54(73L), 49(65L) & 45(53L) an come with a G10 fin(28, 26 & 24 cm). MVM has already been sailing them so there will be a number of JP/Pryde combos around. I hope to use it as a step down from the JP60 with predominantly 7 .0& 6.2. Watch this space for more info in the coming weeks...
See the range in more detail on the JP site:
Here is an interview with Antoine as a flash file:


  1. What sails are you going to use RSR or RSS??

  2. Hi Eric, Think I might go RSR in sizes 7m & under and RSS in 7.8 & 9.5. I feel I need the extra stability being a power sailor.